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Friday – Sept 2nd

09:00 am Opening festival
01:00 pm Presentation of the bio&bio vegan products
02:00 pm Presentation of the Encian vegan products
03:00 pm Presentation of the bio&bio vegan products
04:40 pm IFEEL
05:20 pm Juraj Jurlina acoustic
06:00 pm U pol’ 9 kod Sabe
06:40 pm Antonio Bajic
07:20 pm Detour
07:50 pm Lorena Jelusic & Dino Puric (The Voice)
08:30 pm Kim Verson

Saturday – Sept 3rd

09:30 am Vedran Petrak/Gong
10:30 am Back to Swing
11:00 am Mofit
12:10 pm Kikici & Genijalci
01:10 pm Presentation of the bio&bio vegan products
03:00 pm Interview with Helmutom Fenzlom & Presentation of the Spar vegan products
03:55 pm Zumba fitness – Flash mob
04:00 pm Zumba Fitness by Jelena Diklic
05:00 pm Back to Swing
06:00 pm Atomic Dance Factory
06:25 pm TransForm Crew
06:55 pm School of Street Styles

Lectures and workshops

Friday – Sept 2nd

09:00 am Video projection “Ticking bomb”
10:00 am Nikolina Plenar – pancakes without eggs (workshop)
11:00 am Mag. Nutr. Ivana Simic – Plant-based diet during pregnancy (lecture)
12:00 pm Vesna Sirovina (Melli Aromatica) – Natural facial mask and body scrub (workshop)
01:00 pm Vladimira Vlatka Frketic (Makronova) – Light meals made from gluten-free cereal (workshop)
02:00 pm Tatjana Zajec – from stray dogs to veganism and mountaineering (lecture)
03:00 pm Jelena Tomasevic – Green juices and superfoods as a healthy meal for everyone (workshop)
04:00 pm Snezana Milovanovic (Animal Freedom) – Veganism in Serbia and BeGeVege movement (lecture)
05:00 pm Gordana Dragicevic (Parkticipacija & Croatian permaculture) – Permaculture – the path to sustainable society (lecture)
06:00 pm The collective “Sjemencice” – Recycling cuisine (workshop)
07:00 pm Ivana Rukavina and Mislav Skrepnik – “Power is in the herbs” (lecture)
08:00 pm Ksenija V. Kutlacic – Hen haven- Animals from another perspective (lecture)

Saturday – Sept 3rd

09:00 am Video projection “Meat the truth”
10:00 am Anita Euschen – Spremi klopu project: Zucchini fritters with corn and mint (workshop)
11:00 am Ph.D. Lada Cale Feldman – Palunk’s dinner: about veganism, feminism and literature ecocriticism (lecture)
12:00 pm Mihaela Devescovi – Healthy raw desserts (workshop)
01:00 pm Tamara Dabic (Makronova) – Macrobiotic principles in veganism (lecture)
02:00 pm. Irena Miksic – Seitan: tasty substitute for meat (workshop)
03:00 pm Marina Milkovic – Why is veganism a feminist issue? (lecture)
04:00 pm Irina Jurinac (Zdravljak) – Vege Tapas – love at first bite (workshop)
05:00 pm Vedran Romac – The price of organic meat (lecture)
06:00 pm Udruga Pobjede – Volunteering. Activism. Solidarity. Nonviolence (lecture)

Read and download our 2016 ZeGeVege festival booklet!

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