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What are cookies?
An HTTP cookies are small text files used by a number of today’s websites, including ours ( Cookies are used to store small amounts of data on your device (computer, mobile, etc.) when visiting our website. They help us in providing info on number of visits to our website and provide overall better user experience. Find more about cookies at:

Which cookies do we use?
The cookies we use provide data for your better user experience when visiting the web site, eg your language preferences on our web site (Croatian, English).
Other cookies gather statistical information about number of visits to our website, how many times some Youtube integrated in our website has been viewed, etc.
Since our website also contains links to other websites, we note that we are not responsible for the content of other, external websites that may or may not use cookies. For more information on their cookies, please read their Cookies Policies.
For example, when you click on the link that leads to our Facebook page from our website, read which cookies are collected and processed by Facebook:

Types of cookies:

Neccessary cookies
This type of cookie is necessary for the functioning of the website and we can not exclude them in our system. However, you can exclude them in your web browser settings.

Optional cookies
The type of cookies that track your website, views of Youtube video places in webpage, and similar information that follows user behaviour while visiting website. The data that these cookies collect is gathered collectively and statistically processed, therefore they are anonymous. You can also exclude these cookies yourself, but in this case we will not have feedback about the visits to our website which helps us in our work.

How long are cookies stored?
There are several types of cookies, depending on how long they are stored.

Session cookies are saved in temporary memory. Such cookies are erased from your computer after session ends, that is after you close your browser.

Persistent cookies are type of cookies which are saved on your hard drive when you visit webpage. They have certain expiration date which is specific for each cookie individially. Cookies used on this website have expiration date up to one year. Irregardless of their expiration date, they can be erased earlier if you choose to delete them from your computer. They are used for collecting information abour user behaviour on website (for example: user preferences on websites like language, etc).

Permanent cookies are the same as persistent cookies, except they don’t have expiration date. They are erased from your computer only when you delete them yourself. We don’t use such cookies on this website.

How can you manage cookies?
You have the ability to disable cookies at any time with the help of your Internet browser settings. Follow the help instructions in your web browser or guidelines about removing cookies on their web pages. You can also decide to permanently block cookies from our site or any other website.

For more information visit websites of Internet browsers:
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

News and contact
Although we indicated in this Policy how we currently use cookies, there is a possibility that, within time, we make changes on our website, therefore changing the use and types of cookies associated with our site. The information on last update of this Policy is written below.

If you have any questions regarding this Policy, feel free to contact us:
Animal Friends Croatia, Jurisiceva 25, 10 000 Zagreb,

Last update: May 30, 2018